Battle Of The Birds @ Talking Stick 2016

Battle Of The Birds touches down at Talking Stick Festival this February.

A Savage Society production, by Governor General Award recipient Kevin Loring, based on the Nlakap'amux story about a community confronting the issue of domestic violence. Set in a mythical time before time. Unlike any other festival in Vancouver, the Talking Stick features theatre based on Indigenous traditional stories.

Based on a traditional Nlakap’amux story about a community confronting the issue of domestic violence, Battle of the Birds is a story set in the mythical time before time, when animals appeared like humans with animal attributes and spoke a similar language. The Bird nation is alarmed because Bald Eagle is abusive to his wife. Golden Eagle convinces the bird nation to conspire with him to rescue Bald Eagle’s Wife from him, but this means war.

You can get tickets here:

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