To tell original contemporary Indigenous stories sourcing myth, tradition and contemporary Indigenous perspectives.

Mission Statement

To be a modern Indigenous voice, telling our own stories; endeavouring to positively affect awareness of the contemporary Indigenous perspective by carrying on the tradition of Indigenous storytelling through contemporary mediums of expression.

Artistic Directors Statement | Kevin Loring

The Savage Society was created to be a vehicle through which the members could produce our own stories as practising Theatre and Film Artists of aboriginal descent.


The word Savage carries a negative connotation in western society which has historically abhorred the natural state of the world, endeavouring to dominate, confine and exploit it rather than to live with or in support of it.

The Little Oxford Dictionary describes Savage in these terms:


1. adjective : uncivilized, in primitive state; fierce, cruel; angry.


2. noun : member of a savage tribe; brutal or barbarous person.


3. verb : to attack fiercely

We see Savage as meaning humanity in its natural state, humanity in nature. Savages are angry that the modern society is in fact brutal and barbarous, with a history of fiercely attacking The People as we seek to live in our natural state. The Savage Society seeks to attack fiercely ignorance and preconceived notions directed towards Indigenous people.


To show our historical and personal struggles, as human struggles, by acknowledging our shared histories, challenging stereotypes, by sharing our hearts, minds, and spirits through our craft, to expose the stereotype as a construct of ignorance, to show that behind the social façade we are all savages. We are all people in nature.


Savages are strong, at home in their environment; unafraid of the animals or the elements, indeed we recognize them as allies, relations and gifts. This is also true of urban Savages. Savages are cunning and quick to adapt to new environments, we are survivors, warriors, hunters and nurturers. Savages succeed by living in relationship with our dynamic world.


In our natural state, regardless of race, wealth or status, we are equally human; we are all a part of  The Savage Society.

Savage Society Team Members:

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