Based on a traditional Nlakap’amux story about a community confronting the issue of domestic violence, Battle of the Birds is a story set in the mythical time before time, when animals appeared like humans with animal attributes and spoke a similar language. Adapted and directed by Kevin Loring. Battle of the Birds first premiered in Lytton, BC in 2015, was featured in the 2016 Talking Stick Festival in Vancouver, and then returned to Lytton in summer 2019 at the ’Q’emcín 2 Rivers Remix festival. 

Battle of the Birds 2015

​In summer 2015, Battle Of The Birds was written and produced in cooperation with the community members of Lytton, BC. Artistic Director of Savage Society, Kevin Loring, worked closely in a series of workshops and gatherings transposing a songs taken from wax cylinder recordings by James Teit. The work culminated in a performance at the River Festival in Lytton BC with an audience of 300+ viewers.

Battle of the Birds 2016

In 2016, Battle of the Birds was presented as part of the Talking Stick Festival in Vancouver, BC. 

Battle of the Birds 2019

Battle of the Birds returned to Lytton, BC in July 2019, as part of the ’Q’emcín 2 Rivers Remix. 

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